Tips to build a loyal paying fanbase

"Give them quality. That's the best kind of advertising."

Its important to realize that loyal fans are hard to find. Its important to treat them like friends & not like ATM’s. Its important to build a personalized relationship with them. You might have 2MN followers but truth is even instagram gives you less than 2% engagement.

Here are some tips to build a paying subscriber base.


Get the Math right

  • You can't be expensive then netflix, don't charge exorbitantly
  • Have an objective of getting 1000 fans paying 4.99$/fan for all access in the first month

Content is King

  • Remember, your fan wants content with meaning not a randomly shot video with music
  • Focus on Quality than Quantity, do 5 good videos a month than 15 badly shot ones
  • Work on having a 6 month content calendar
  • Focus on your field of expertise


  • Look at your analytics, see where the audience is coming from
  • In today’s time audience is fragmented, a particular audience with prefered taste might subscribe to your feed while others won't
  • Important here to understand what works, what doesn’t
  • Look for metrics such as video views/engagement & time spent on your profile
  • What works in India might not work in the USA & vice versa. It's the age of being viral.

Watch out & Collaborate

  • Watch out for what other content creators are upto
  • Look out for new trends
  • Collaborate & partner with other creators & brands to create hip content

Inspire & Aspire

  • Your audience wants inspiration, inspire them, they look upto you for new trends
  • Aspire to be one of the best creators in your field

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Happy Creating.