Here are a few tips & tricks to help you better engage with your fans.

  • Shoot a video
  • Put it on escapenow
  • Promote it on instagram by going LIVE, doing a POST & STORY

Lets start with,

Content Calendar:

  • Sit back, pause for a moment & frame a content calendar.
  • Do polls, understand what your fans like
  • Engage with audience on trending hashtags like #mondaymotivation #sexytuesdays #wednesdays & so on. You can have your own hashtags as well.

A typical content calendar should be

  • Daily pic of the day
  • Alternate day video - short format say 1 MIN
  • Weekly Friday release - long format say 5 MIN

It's important you get time to think on themes & have good quality content rather than quantity. Your fans need to feel special while interacting with you.

Content Duration:

  • Shoot longer duration content as it has a longer shelf life & you can promote it on social media platforms
  • Short length content is quick & easy but prevents audience from buying them
  • Remember Quality over Quantity

Promotion Tactics:

  • While promoting on instagram or any other platform use your profile link (eg: & share it everywhere
  • keep it in your bio for enhanced promotion
  • Promote trailers of what's coming when, example: Travel diaries releasing this Friday at 9pm
  • Go LIVE after your video is put up on

Video Edit:

  • Try using a laptop to edit, you can shoot a video & email it to yourself or send it on to yourself
  • Use for faster edits
  • Editing on phone reduces video quality

Clean the Lens

It sounds silly and simple, but this is always a great place to start. It’s the equivalent of remembering to take the lens cap off of a camera. It’s something so obvious that it’s often easy to forget. Before you shoot any video with your smartphone, make sure the camera’s view isn’t obstructed, and give it a quick swab. Moistened cleaning wipes are the best for this job, but a quick breath and your shirt will do the trick, too.

Check and set your settings

Smartphones might be limited in functionality compared to more dedicated video cameras, but that doesn’t mean they’re only capable of shooting one type of video. Most premium smartphones these days have a few different resolutions and frame rates to choose from.

On Android phones, these settings are usually right inside the main camera app, either tucked behind the settings gear wheel, or accessible via a toggle button. Apple, however, has buried these options in the main settings menu. You have to back all the way out of the camera app, go into Settings, scroll down to Photos & Camera, and then scroll down to the Camera section.

Once you’ve found them, here’s a quick breakdown of the three most commonly used video settings:

  • 1080p at 30 frames per second: the other standard resolution / frame rate combination. The difference here is your video has more frames displaying every second, which gives the footage an even more fluid look that is closer to how you would have seen the scene in real life. The choice between 30 fps and 24 fps is mostly an aesthetic one — both should display correctly wherever you post.
  • 1080p at 24 frames per second: one of the two most standard settings for shooting video. 1080p is the resolution, a stand-in term for how many pixels (1920 x 1080) are captured in each frame of the video. 24 frames per second (fps) means you’re capturing 24 frames every second. That speed is just above the low end of what our brain is able to perceive as fluid video, but with just enough imperceptible stutter that it creates a pleasing, cinematic look. (That balancing act between fluid motion and intangible surrealism is why 24 frames per second is what filmmakers use in most movies.) Note: You’ll only be able to shoot in 24 fps if you use an app that allows this frame rate, like Filmic Pro.
  • 1080p at 60 frames per second: shooting at 60 fps will give you an even more fluid-looking video. It’s also where we can start to talk about...

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