A quick tutorial on how to run instagram / snapchat subscriptions.

On escapenow.tv you you may monetize your Private Instagram account by selling access to it.

Profile Settings

In order to set everything up, please go to Profile -> Settings.

Enable Subscriptions

Enter your instagram / snapchat profile link & enable subscriptions.

Subscriptions Packages

Subscription packages are predefined

  • Monthly @ 4.99$
  • Quarterly @ 13.99
  • Yearly @ 54.99
Promote Profile

Once you enable, subscriptions, you can see the links being displayed on your profile, you can now start promoting your profile link for subscriptions
e.g: Subscribe to my private instagram on escapenow.tv/yourprofilename

Creator Analytics

When users start subscribing, you can check creator analytics (snapshot given below) & social tab, here you will find a list of subscribers (with their usernames) who have subscribed to your insta/snap & till when.

Private Group

Next go to instagram & create a private group & add the usernames you see on your social tab. Make sure to announce on group the frequency of content to avoid unwanted spams. Set the expectation right.