Creators FAQs

Getting started

Escapenow is a marketplace platform exclusively for 18+ female creators or models or influencers who want to monetize their contents via or by provide exclusive content on third party social platform by charging monthly subscriptions. The platform is built for monestination of exclusive premium content in form of photo, vidoes, podast or movies for the fanbase of creators/models/influencers.
Click on My account to register yourself on our website, by registering you will enter your full name, contact number, email address. After you have created your account, you will be signed in to your own dashboard where you can start to list and sell your exclusive content.
Before you can start using your account, you will be asked to verify your profile where you will be asked to upload ID documents, facial photos and other information, we collect this information and keep this as record as per regulations required and to make sure that creators are age limit as per terms and conditions of this website, and the content uploading policy. The platform restrict uploading of unauthorized content of others users, as per terms and condition of the platform, please do reach our 18 U.S.C. 2257 Exemption/Disclosure Statement. (Link:
We need your documents as we have a banking relationship with you, there are requests for KYC in some cases when we wire you your monthly earnings, also to verify that you are above 18, we work with verified creators only to protect them & avoid fake profiles. Dont worry, your documents are safe with us.

Posting & Selling content

E-coins are the currency used for the sale of the content within our platform except if you are selling subscription to subscribers for connecting with social account like instagram and snapchat.
E-coins are used as platform currency with pre-defined values, that is USD 1 = 100 coins, so the value of each e-coin is USD 0.01.
On your dashbaord, you will need to start by adding "My Plans", these plans are important to set the value, you want to sell content for. You will see + on right side of the dashbaord to create a new plan. For example if you are uploading a video to sell, you will need to create a "Plan" before uploading a video, you are free to set value of this video content by using ex-change rate mentioned above, once plan is created, you will upload video content, and add the defined to that content, and you set to sell your first content piece. if you selling video for USD 5, then you will have to mention number of coins as 500 coins.
Click/tap the Plus symbol on the bottom of the screen, which will launch your camera app (on a smart device) or your webcam (on a computer with a webcam and supported browser). Once you take a photo or video, you’ll be able to either post that photo or video for all of your followers to see or send it directly to another User.
The platform sell e-coins with exclusive offers and bonus to all users across all creators as standard. The sale of coins in pre-designed plan is offered to cover our cost of running the platform that is system enhancements, salaries of staffs, server cost, currency conversions, payment gateway charges and others to provide you with ultimate user experience.
Yes, that is correct - When a subscriber buy any content (e.g 500 coins for a video content), you will receive a full credit of 500 coin in your account and with ex-change of USD 1 = 100 E-coin, you will receive net income of USD 5 for that content.
Your profile link e.g: is unique. We recommed you to promote and anounce this link across your social platforms & ask your fans to subscribe to content.

Selling subscription for third-party social media platforms

This is additional features we provide to our creators to add subscribers to private profile on the social media platform like snapchat and instragram where you can charge for monthly subscription for your snapchat anf instagram accounts, and provide access to your exclusive content you are posting on these platforms. ( Disclaimer: Any social media platform e.g: Snapchat and Instagram references, names, logos, brands, and any other trademarks or images featured or referred to within the website are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with .Snapchat DOES NOT sponsor or endorse Instagram DOES NOT sponsor or endorse WE ARE NOT SNAPCHAT OR INSTAGRAM).
Snapchat and Instagram packages are pre-defined. We are working on feature developments and soon you will be able set your own value for sale of these subscriptions.
The subscription are sold directly in US dollars without the use of E-coins, the platform charges 30% commission on your each monthly subscription account, and balance 70% will be credited to your payout balance amount, you can view report of each transaction from "Creator analytics" section and under Social earning from your dashboard. These are 30% commission include payment gateway charge plug our running cost and exchange rate to wire you payment out in USD. We are europe based company and our base currency is Euros. Your Transaction will show exact earning and our commissions.


This depends on payout method you have selected on your account, When you withdraw on escapenow, it typically takes 1-3 business days to reach your PayPal or Bank account.
Please note that the minimum balance payout requirement, if you are using Paypal - your balance payment amount should minimum USD 50, and if you choosing for payout bank transfer then payout balance should be minimum USD 1500 (in some cases - we allow transfer for smaller amounts), for funds transfer by bank account, there is charge for USD 15 per transaction.In case minimum payout requirement weren’t met, payout sum will be added to the next payout amount and paid at the date of the next payout.
Payouts on are sent periodically, twice a month. You need to reach your Payout Limit in a period in order to get paid on the payout date of that period. The Payout Limit can vary between $100 and $10,000, depending on the Payment Method you choose. If you reach your Payout Limit in the first period of a month (1st - 15th), you will receive your payment by the 10th of the next month. If you reach the Payout Limit in the second period of a month (16th - 31st), you will receive your payout by the 25th of the next month. If you do not reach your Payout Limit in a period, your earnings are “rolled” over to the next period until you reach the Payout Limit. Payments always arrive by the 10th and 25th of the following months, regardless of the payment method chosen.
If you are find any errors or any question, please do write to us email at
First of all, every subscription which is sold Is subject to a 15% fee by the gateway(depending on user’s credit card/debit card) along with a platform commission to manage the user for a period of his subscription length. Secondly, your earning differs(only from subscribers not for coins) as there are multiple scenarios.
e.g: A user must have cancelled/refund subscription, User subscription renewal date isn’t part of billing period when payout was done to you, You haven’t factored the platform commission of 15% in the subscription.


All sales and transactions are final. Payments are nonrefundable and fully earned on payment. There are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. But the Company may approve a refund in the form of a credit on request if exceptional circumstances exist, including if an influencer fails to add you to their private third-party social media account within 24 hours after you buy a subscription to that influencer’s private third-party social media account (unless the failure to add was caused by your failure to provide accurate information). The amount and form of a refund, and the decision to provide it, is at the Company’s sole discretion. The provision of a refund in one instance does not entitle you to a refund in the future for similar instances; nor does it obligate the Company to provide refunds in the future, under any circumstance. please read our full terms and conditions through link:

Subscription Cancellations & Third-Party Social / Media Platforms

If a subscribe buys a subscription that automatically renews, they may cancel the subscription any time before the end of the current billing period and the cancellation will take effect on the next billing period. The subscribers retain access to the subscription from the time you cancel until the start of the next billing period and will not receive a refund or credit for any remaining days intheir current billing period.
The Company does not own, operate, or control third-party social media platforms. Your use of any third-party social media platform in connection with your subscription is subject to that third-party social media platform’s terms, policies, and guidelines. If your third-party social media platform account is suspended or terminated as a result of your violation of that third-party social media platform’s terms, policies, or guidelines, you will not receive a refund or credit for any lost access due to a third-party social media platform’s suspension or termination of your account with that platform.


If the Company is required to collect or pay any taxes in connection with your purchase of a subscription (for example, the Company collects VAT taxes from EU users), those taxes will be charged to subscribers at the time of each purchase transaction. There is no need for creators to set additional taxes for sale of content, it is all handled by however please read our full terms and conditions through link:

Billing Errors

The Company will correct any mistakes in a charge and add or credit them against your future payments. If you become aware of any errors in a charge, please notify the Company promptly at . If an error occurs in the billing bank, gateway, processor, or intermediate processor and a transaction is lost, the Company has up to 30 days to work with the billing bank, gateway, processor, or intermediate processor to locate this transaction and solve this issue, including providing credit to your payment method or refunding the transaction. You waive any error unless you notify the Company of the error within three months after you receive the bill in which the error first appears. You hereby release the Company from any liability for any error that you do not report to the Company within three months after you receive the bill in which the error first appeared. please read our full terms and conditions through link:

Safety and abuse

If you threaten, harass, bully, or stalk any subscriber through the Website or any third-party social media platform, that platform may terminate your access to your profile or private third-party social media account. If the platform terminates your access to your profile or private third-party social media account because you engaged in this type of behavior or any other behavior that violates this section 7 or that third-party social media platform’s terms, policies, or guidelines, you will not receive a refund or any credit. please read our full terms and conditions through link: